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"The Convention" (TV-PG, L, V)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JONATHAN FRAKES (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) GUEST-STARS AS HIMSELF When Max's (Jason Behr) boss Milton (guest star Steve Hytner) organizes the Tenth Annual UFO Convention, Max finds himself playing host to guest speaker Jonathan Frakes, while trying to avoid a dangerous confrontation with Larry (guest star Kevin Weisman) and Jennifer (guest star Wendle Jospeher), the UFO-hunting couple who witnessed Max's unearthly powers when he saved Liz's (Shiri Appleby) life. Meanwhile, Sheriff Valenti (Williams Sadler) is caught off-guard when Everett Hubbell (guest star Tom Bower), the man responsible for ruining the life and career of Valenti's father, reappears in Roswell on a mission of revenge. Tucker Gates directed the episode written by Emily Whitesell