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In the quiet town of Roswell, New Mexico, Max Evans lived the life of a normal teenager until the day he saved Liz Parker's life. By healing her fatal gunshot wound with nothing more than his hand, he and Liz were forever bonded and the secret he'd been hiding his entire life was finally exposed: Max, his sister Isabel and their friend Michael Guerin were aliens.
With the arrival of a fourth alien, Tess, and the trust of their secret in the hands of five human friends, Max must now balance the life he's known on Earth, and his love for Liz, with the search for his true identity and the truth about his destiny.

The "MORNING AFTER" watching the "PILOT" episode of Roswell for the 16th ("FOUR SQUARE") time, I reflected on how my life had changed since that fateful night in October 1999 when a then unknown TV show began its transformation on what was once the "BALANCE" of my life. I caught it by accident, innocently being drawn into its web of intrigue and romance. Week after week, my obsession continued to grow until it had a life of its own. It was as though "MONSTERS" had taken over my once serene, yet lifeless world. What had been "MISSING" had now been found. "THE-CONVENTION" of my structured existence was no longer void of passion or excitement. It was as though I was declaring my "INDEPENDENCE DAY", a sort of "SEXUAL HEALING" in regards to this newfound lust for life. I was "LEAVING NORMAL", driving on "285 SOUTH", ready to pursue anything that was Roswell. I eventually discovered the Crashdown site, meeting new friends and family who shared my intense obsession. With these anonymous Screen Names, I was able to go "INTO THE WOODS" of the hidden world of the Internet and discuss unceasingly my love of the show and, of course, the ultimate protagonist, "MAX TO THE MAX". Meeting some of the posters at a gathering in April was reminiscent of a "BLIND DATE" that turned out really well. And then the unthinkable happened. The WB, once the salvation of the Fox rejected Roswell, threatened our haven of Roswell mania. It considered pulling the plug on our beloved cast. How could they? These were more than characters on a TV show. They were family. Family whose character developments we sensed were brought about by all the love and support we had supplied throughout the season. How dare the WB take away our children, brothers, sisters, parents, lovers, and friends! They now belonged to us. Were they "CRAZY"? They may as well relegate us to the "WHITE ROOM" where we could release our anger and frustration. As we would scream and kick and cry out in outrage, would anyone hear us? Would anyone care? Could they at least send "RIVER DOG" to allay our fears? No, it was up to us and the wonderfully creative and talented crew of the Crashdown. A campaign cry to save Roswell and get it renewed began to take form in the souls of the fans until it grew to the loudest battle cry ever to ring out in cyberspace. We became "BLOOD BROTHERS" on a mission, a quest to ensure more episodes, even those with titles such as "TESS, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE". Campaign after campaign, energy and resourcefulness kept the flow of enthusiasm at the necessary level of intensity. It was as though a "HEAT WAVE" had begun with the tiniest of sparks and soon engulfed all with a fire unsurpassed in fan history. The campaign was Hot! It was blowing away TV execs and media people everywhere. Bombarding the WB with Tabasco sauce bottles was brilliant. What would they do with thousand of bottles, especially the miniature ones? Line the cupboards of a "TOY HOUSE", perhaps? And now, after weeks of planning and executing what has become one of the most talked about campaigns in history, we wait. We wait for May 16, 2000, a day that will forever become as engraved in our memories as any birthday or holiday. Because this day will become synonymous with the "DESTINY" of both Roswell and the devoted fans of Crashdown. What decision will be made? Will it mark the beginning of an era where Roswell becomes the biggest hit to ever grace a TV screen? That is my mindset, as I refuse to even consider the alternative. Fellow Roswellians, be proud, be brave, be positive. Roswell's "DESTINY" is on the horizon, and it is Glowing.


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