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 Max Evans is an alien. An alien with an important decision to make. A
 decision he's been avoiding for an entire year: whether or not to leave
 Earth and return to his home planet. His decision will not only affect
 his life, but the lives of everyone around him including his sister Isabel,
 their friend Michael, and Tess, who is pregnant with Max's son... a son
 who is dying.

  It's been a little over a year since Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess
  learned their alien essences had been sent to Earth in human form for
  safekeeping until they could one day return to their planet where Max
  was a King, Tess his Queen, and Michael and Isabel betrothed

 See, before Max discovered his true destiny, he and the others had
 simply been trying to live on Earth as humans, trying to protect their
 identity from getting into the hands of those who might want to harm
 them. But on one fateful day, Max Evans did something that would
 forever change his life. He saved a human. Not just any human, Liz
 Parker. A girl Max had been carrying a torch for ever since the first day
 he laid eyes on her. And from the day Max saved Liz's life the two
 were connected as soul mates carrying inside a love so strong,
 nothing could keep them apart. That is, until Liz, too, learned the future
 that had been decreed for Max: to return to his planet and rule as King
 with Tess as his Queen.

 And so it was Liz who made the decision to let
 Max go so he could pursue his true destiny, a
 life which did not include her. But denying his
 destiny, Max continued to pursue Liz, telling her
 that nothing could stand in the way of their love.
 And just when Liz started to believe it might be

 A future version of Max came to her, saying that if she and Max were
 together, the World as they knew it would end. Liz enlisted the help of
 her ex-boyfriend, Kyle, to make Max think she and Kyle had slept
 together. Liz wanted Max to think she had moved on, and to let him
 know he needed to do the same.

 And through all of this, over the past year, Max, Michael, Isabel and
 Tess have come up against obstacles at every turn. They battled
 enemy aliens, known as The Skins, sent to Earth to destroy them.
 They stood face to face with their own Dupes, who not only killed one
 of their own, but disappeared without a trace. They helped save a
 young girl from being taken over by alien parasites left behind when
 their spaceship landed back in 1947. They were ultimately the reason
 the town's Sheriff, Jim Valenti, lost his badge. And just recently they
 discovered they are a part of the reason their human friend Alex
 Whitman, who for unexplained reasons was able to decode an alien
 book that contained the information on how the aliens could return
 home, a boy Isabel Evans herself had truly come to love, is now dead.

 Will Max decide to leave the only home he's ever known, and give up
 all hope that he and Liz can still someday be together? I shall believe
 and we will have to wait and see in Season 3.